Who We Are

ICD Securities Inc. is a registered FINRA broker-dealer, established in 2004 to provide DTC funding services to our banking relationships. Additionally we have expanded our services by offering fixed income products to our institutional and governmental entity clientele. The key to our success lies in the unwavering commitment to provide a high level of service and attention to our valued clients. Every one of our clients is treated with the utmost care according to their needs and regardless of the size of their investment portfolio.

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What We Do

ICD Securities, Inc. provides access to funding for financial institutions using its DTC selling network to attract deposits at competitive market levels. We provide up to date market pricing that keeps our issuing banks in all types of market environments. Information is critical when making these decisions and ICD Securities, Inc. is available to assist in that process.


ICD Securities Inc. makes investing in DTC Certificate of Deposits simple and quick for those clients that operate on a tight schedule. With over a 15 years of experience in the issuance and selling DTC Certificates of Deposits, ICD has established an extensive network which allows us to offer and present a broad scope of issues on a daily basis which allows our clients to remain up to date on the CD market. The process of participating in the DTC Certificates of Deposits market is made easy.

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DTC Funding Program

The founders of ICD Securities Inc. have spent the last three decades working closely with thousands of banking institutions nationwide, assisting them in meeting current and future liquidity demands. Through the effective use of our funding relationships, ICD is able to use the DTC market to raise funds quickly and effectively.

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Services & Programs


The founders of ICD Securities Inc. have spent the last three decades working closely with thousands of banking institutions nationwide assisting them in raising the deposits to meet their ongoing liquidity needs.


ICD Securities has access to billions of certificates of deposits annually. These deposits are drawn from domestic regulated entities.


We provide access to all types of government securities that are issued by the government of the United States, its agencies and instrumentalities.  We also offer commercial paper issued by large corporations, banker's acceptances and corporate bonds.


ICD utilizes the clearing services of StoneX to complete security transactions for the broker-dealer and is dedicated to delivering effective trade execution, back office support and real-time account updates to track and monitor transactions.


ICD provides cash management referral services through some of the country's largest banking institutions who offer professionally managed money market funds that provide competitive returns on your cash balances.

The key to our success lies within our unwavering commitment to providing a high level of services and attention to our clientele.  Whether you are a business manager of a small-sized credit union or a portfolio analyst of a multi-billion dollar investment trust, our aim is to help you meet your earnings targets through a series of investment programs customized to meet your investment objectives.